Danish Hardwood

Danish Hardwood A/S
Annexgårdsvej 7
DK-4350 Ugerløse
Tel: +45 7030 1540
Fax: +45 7030 1541
CVR no. 8771 3911

History & Identity


Ugerløse Sawmill was founded in 1917 and has through the years developed into one of Europe's most modern hardwood sawmills.


The new production line was put in in 1997 and has a very high and efficient throughput, with a precision bandsaw and edging saw, automated stacking and computerised tally system. Being based at our main production facility means the best possible supervision and control of all our deliveries, big or small, logs or lumber, from our gates.



We are your European hardwood specialists. We deal in logs, lumber, dimension stock and semi-finished products for the international manufacturing industry. We service clients with timely deliveries of wood all over the world, with reliability, flexibility and stability being the 3 key elements of our service, as well as our product.


Our business has thrived as a result of our reliability, not just in delivering the product the buyer needs, but also in our commitment to those that supply to us also. If your business is depending on an accurate and safe supply of hardwoods, then rely on us. Our commitment to our clients ends not at time of delivery, but is followed all the way through the process to ensure we get repeat orders. Our business has grown through ‘word of mouth’ and not by promotions or advertising.



Operating our own sawmills, using raw materials selected and purchased by our own staff – as well as a large third party supplier network, established over a number of years - Danish Hardwood A/S will most likely be able to find the right product, at the right price for your company. Our local staff purchase and inspect logs and lumber on our behalf, and supervise the production in the sawmills. As a result, we will, faster than any others, do our utmost to find or produce the materials that your company needs.



Established in 1961 we have a proven track record with our clients and supply partners. With the vast bulk of the timber we supply cut and managed by ourselves, there is no safer supplier than Danish Hardwood A/S. In this business, size matters. Size matters because Danish Hardwood A/S have the logistics and production capacity to steer through times of high demand and poor demand, yet keep our commitments. Size matters because Danish Hardwood A/S can customize production in the optimal way, and thus present better prices and yields to our clients. In the end there is no one better suited for the responsibility of being the supplier for your business than Danish Hardwood A/S.



The core of our business is our own sawmill (UG) from where we ship logs and lumber to all corners of the world.