Danish Hardwood

Danish Hardwood A/S
Annexgårdsvej 7
DK-4350 Ugerløse
Tel: +45 7030 1540
Fax: +45 7030 1541
CVR no. 8771 3911


Danish Hardwood A/S has for the last forty plus years been supplying the manufacturing industries of the world with raw materials.


Our speciality is the delivery of European hardwoods, where we supply everything from logs to finished flooring and mouldings. Danish Hardwood A/S owns and operates production facilities of our own, including log yards, sawmills, steaming and dry kilning, and dimension milling equipment.


Our supply comes not just from Denmark, but from the shores of the Baltic down through to the Black Sea, where our overseas staff help us find the best material from the cultured forests of Europe, to the best obtainable market prices.


Danish Hardwood A/S supplies clients across all 5 continents, from veneer mills to furniture giants, to specialised upholsterers.


The European species of beech, oak and ash make up the vast bulk of our production and turnover, and typically it is destined for the furniture or flooring industries.


Danish Hardwood A/S also engages in large construction projects inside Denmark, and worldwide, where the delivery of more specialised wood products from around the globe is required. We have long and tested relationships with partners on every continent, and we pride ourselves in being able to find better solutions where others fail.




This is the product most sought after. The classic european beech is used worldwide in furniture, veneer and flooring. This is because it is excellent wood. It is enduring, beautiful and easy to work with.