Danish Hardwood

Danish Hardwood A/S
Annexgårdsvej 7
DK-4350 Ugerløse
Tel: +45 7030 1540
Fax: +45 7030 1541
CVR no. 8771 3911


We serve a number of clients in each of the following markets :



Denmark ; Sweden ; Norway ; Greenland ; Iceland


United Kingdom:

England ; Scotland ; Ireland and Wales



Portugal ; Spain


Near Asia:

Turkey ; India ; Bangladesh



China ; Hong Kong ; Taiwan ; Vietnam ;

Japan ; Thailand ; Korea ; Malaysia ; Indonesia


Africa and Middle East:

Dubai ; South Africa


United States:

West Coast ; New York ; Gulf States of Texas and Louisiana


We are always keen to expand our business in existing markets, and also to meet the challenges of new clients in new markets.


Our dedicated freight and logistics staff ensure we are able to quote promptly and efficiently to all destinations.





The engine room
This is the beating heart of the lumber industry. The modern band saw at our UG sawmill.