Danish Hardwood

Danish Hardwood A/S
Annexgårdsvej 7
DK-4350 Ugerløse
Tel: +45 7030 1540
Fax: +45 7030 1541
CVR no. 8771 3911


Cut to size after kilning, we produce dimensions for the flooring, kitchen and furniture manufacturers.


Specifications go from 25mm x 25mm x 200mm up through 100mm x 100mm x 2,00mtr – again, please send us your demands to enable us to quote most competitively.



The material can be supplied rough sawn or planed/surfaced.


We produce and stock beech (steamed and unsteamed) ; oak ; ash ; cherry ; walnut ; maple (sycamore) ; ash ; birch ; hornbeam in dimension form.



Our most common specifications are :


for flooring:                26mm x 76mm-100mm (fixed) x 300mm and longer


and for tabletops:      38mm and/or 51mm x 51mm x 300mm and longer